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03/12/2021 Peewee B2

Breezy Point Ice Fest Tournaments General Rules & Regulations
1. Fees: Tournament Team Entry Fee: $1500 There are no other admission fees.
2. Game Days & Times - Teams Entering Breezy Point Tournaments agree to any and all last minute changes in the game schedule. Games will be played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As advertised all teams entering tournaments understand and agree to play games beginning before 6:00pm on Fridays which may require players to miss school. Sorry teams cannot request game times, teams must play in time slots as assigned, no game time changes allowed.
3. Team Credentials: Before the start of the tournament a team official of the team must submit the following team credentials to the tournament officials: An Official USA Hockey Team Roster for the current season signed by the players, coaches, and by an individual authorized to approve and stamp rosters., Waivers for any players listed on the rosters whose residence is outside the teams natural hockey community. An approval letter from the district register for any player that is playing in a younger age group than is implicit based on the players birth date. High School attendance certification for Jr. Gold & 16 & under teams.
4. USA Mandatory Hockey Rules: USA Hockey Referees will be used, First Aid Attendants (Certified in BLS, AED, & First Aid) will be on site during all games, USA Hockey rules will be used as modified by MN Hockey. (Notice to all teams traveling from outside of Minnesota: Minnesota age guidelines are different from USA Hockey and players on Minnesota teams may be up to 6 months older.), Canadian Teams must wear protective equipment as designated by CAHA Canadian Peewees cannot check.
5. Bench: No more than 20 players and 4 coaches are allowed on the bench. 
6. Tournament Format: See Brackets - Formats can be changed at anytime due to tournament not filling or teams dropping or adding.
7. Round Robin Formats / Points Earned Per Game: Win = 3 Points, Tie = 1 Point, Loss = 0 Points.
8. Round Robin Format Tie Breakers: 1st Tie Breaker = Head to Head, 2nd Tie Breaker = Total Plus/Minus for all three pool games played, 3rd Tie Breaker = Total goals scored for all three pool games played, 4th Tie Breaker = Total goals given up for all three pool games played, 5th Tie Breaker = Least Penalty Minutes for all three pool games played, Final Tie Breaker = Coin Toss
9. Elimination Games Overtime Rules: In the case of a tie during the elimination round games teams will play a 3 on 3 Five Minute Sudden Death Overtime Period. If teams are still tied after the 3 on 3 overtime period the winner will be determined by a 3 player shootout followed by a sudden death shoot out is still tied after the 3 player shoot out. During the sudden death shootout each team will receive an equal opportunity to shoot and score. Teams must use all players on the roster equally in the shoot out.
10. Game & Period Length: Tournament games will have 60 minutes of ice time scheduled for the playing of each game.  60 minute games will consist of 3-12 minute stop time periods.  Tournament officials and Game Box officials are allowed to decrease the length of the 3rd period due to games running behind schedule or for any other reason and will inform the coaches of both teams of any changes before the start of the 3rd period. There is no resurfacing between periods for Squirt & Peewee Games, Resurfacing every two periods for Bantams & Up.
11. Game Start Times: All teams must be prepared to start up to 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled start time if games are running ahead of schedule. Coaches will be given at least 5 minutes advanced notice if a game will be starting early.
12. Penalty Time: All Minor Penalties will be 2 minutes in length.
13. Home Team: First team in brackets are home and should wear Light jerseys
14. Warm-ups: A 4-minute Warm-up starts immediately at the scheduled start time of the game. Clock officials will not wait for late teams to come out to start the clock.
15. Intermissions: There is a 1-minute rest between periods. There will be no resurfacing between any periods of play during Squirt, 10U, 12U, and Peewee Tournaments. Bantam, 14U, and Jr. Gold Tournaments will have the ice re-resurfaced every 2 periods.
16. Time Outs: Each team is allowed 1 - 60 second timeout per game.
17. Overtime Games: See tournament brackets for specific tournament overtime rules.
18. 3 Penalty Per Game Rule: Players are each allowed three penalties per game. Any player receiving a 4th penalty will be removed from the playing area and another player must serve the penalty.
19. Player, Coach, & Fan Conduct: The conduct of all players, coaches, and fans is to be beyond reproach both on and off the ice. A ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding abusive language and unsportsmanlike behavior toward anyone is strictly enforced. Any misconduct by any team member or team fan can result in immediate disqualification of the entire team from the tournament.
20. Bench/Referee Communications: Coaches and players are not permitted to argue or complain about any calls made by the referees. Coaches may ask for clarification on calls in a calm constructive adult manner. Coaches should not yell or shout any negative comments or remarks about referees either directly or indirectly. Any coaches displaying any unacceptable behavior, including yelling, screaming or swearing on the bench may be given a bench penalty or ejected from the game. Game box officials and tournament employees are also instructed to inform referees of any of the above mentioned inappropriate behavior by coaches. Any coaches who are ejected from games for any such behavior will also be reported to their home association and District Ace Coordinators. 
21. Parent Protests & Complaints: Only the head coach is permitted to approach tournament officials, referees, or employees with complaints or protests. Coaches are responsible for their teams parental behavior and the tournament directors have the authority to issue a team forfeit of any game when a parent of a team breaks this rule or any other zero tolerance rules. Coaches are required to inform all the team's parents attending the tournament of this rule and the consequences to the team for any individual breaking this rule before arriving at the tournament.
22. Protests: No protests will be permitted regarding rule interpretations or judgment calls made by game officials. All referee and tournament official decisions are final. Any coach or team official threatening to pull their team from a game or tournament will be reported to their Association and District.
23. Arena Ejection: There is absolutely no excuse for any inappropriate yelling, screaming, swearing or any other unacceptable behavior by any coach, parent, or fan. Adults are expected to act appropriately and not let the emotion of the game affect their behavior or demeanor. Any adult acting inappropriately will be required to leave the arena. All tournament and arena staff have the authority to eject anyone from the ice arena property who they feel is violating this or any other zero tolerance rules and they are instructed to call the police if anyone refuses to leave.