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1. Per the state, cloth face coverings (masks) must be worn by everyone inside an arena at all times. This includes participants during on-ice practice and game play.

2. Locker rooms may not be used. Players should put skates on in designated areas of the arena that provide for social distancing.

3. No equipment bags will be allowed in facilities with the exception of goalies.

4. All players must arrive to the arena fully dressed, with the exception of skates, helmet and gloves.

5. Players must  enter the arena 10 minutes before the start of their scheduled ice time. They must exit the arena no later than 10 minutes following the conclusion of their ice time.

6. Spectators will be allowed in arena with a capacity of 250. These spectators must be masked and socially distanced from others. 

7. Dryland activities will not be allowed inside the arenas.

8. Only active players and 3 coaches are allowed on the bench during game play. Players who are unable to participate may not be on the bench.

9. Coaches must wear a mask while on the ice or on the bench for all games and practices, unless they have a pre-existing medical condition which should be communicated to their association leadership in advance.

10. Players who are instructed to quarantine by public health will be considered ineligible for participation for the duration of their quarantine period. If a player instructed to quarantine plays in a game, rules subject to playing an ineligible player shall be enforced.

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